Nudge your team towards consistent coding style with every PR

Style is important. Any time there's more than one way to do something in code, inconsistencies will creep in. Besides measurably adding to the time it takes to read and comprehend code, inconsistent style across a code base can hide bugs, often very bad ones.

Great tools exist for almost every language to automatically align code to a defined style. Through editor integrations or git pre-commit hooks, a single developer can give themselves a great work-flow for automatically dealing with style. Doing this across a team, on the other hand, can be challenging.

Restyled makes it easy to maintain, or transition to, a consistent coding style across your entire organization by integrating directly into your existing Pull Request process.

How it works

Open a Pull Request that changes files in one of our supported languages. If it doesn't conform to your preferred style, you'll receive a comment that it's been restyled:

You'll also get a blocking status on your Pull Request.

Not a fan? These can be disabled in your settings.

Review the differences in the restyled Pull Request:

And, if you like, merge them back into yours.

If we ever run into trouble, you'll be able to see why:

And hopefully configure around it.

Once you've fixed things up, you'll get an updated status.

Ready to try?

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Open Source

Restyled will be built in the open. All code used to operate can be found in our GitHub Org. The product will be free to use for open source, forever.