ElektraInitiative / libelektra #2988

Succeeded 8 months ago (took a minute)

systemdocker run --rm --volume /tmp:/tmp --volume /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock quay.io/restyled-io/restyler:b654 --job-url https://restyled.io/gh/ElektraInitiative/repos/libelektra/jobs/79710 ElektraInitiative/libelektra#2988
systemRunning on tcp://
stderr * [new ref] refs/pull/2988/head -> pull-2988
stderrSwitched to branch 'pull-2988'
stderrSwitched to a new branch 'pull-2988-restyled'
stdoutRestyling ElektraInitiative/libelektra#2988
stdoutRestyled PR does not exist
stdoutRestyling ["doc/news/_preparation_next_release.md"] via "prettier-markdown"
stdoutdoc/news/_preparation_next_release.md 4674ms
stdoutSetting status of no differences for 79f4da4
stdoutNo style differences found
systemRestyler exited 0

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